Itinerary: Singa & Bali – 2 Weeks


The first day in Singapore can be used in order to have a rest from the long flight, get acquainted to the weather and the Asian culture. Even though different from what you are going to experience in Bali, since it is a big, and modern city, it will prepare you well for the upcoming days. As for day one visit, you can spend time around the Little India area, then take Arab Street, try the Michelin Star pork stand, probably enjoy a drink or a coffee in the Haji Lane area, or if you prefer something fancier in Atlas Bar, then end up the night casually strolling along the bank of Singapore River and Boat Quay area. This means that in one day you have seen good amount of the top “to do’s” in Singapore.

Hostel: Spaceapod@SG
MetroStation: Kallang EW10
Walking minutes from Station: 2
Recommendation: ☹Please Don’t ( After my lowest review ever on, I’ve received a private message from the owner, discussing how a clean toilet should look like).
Breakfast included: Jam/Bread/Eggs/Coffee/Tea
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash & Card (18 EUR p.p./night + 3% charge for card payments)


Seminyak is the “fancy” area in Bali, its bubbling of Australian tourists and Bachelorette parties*. Seminyak is a good spot if you want to check out the most famous beach bars in this part of the island like Potato Head, La Plancha, or if you want to pay a trip to Mexicola (which i would avoid). Another advantage of Seminyak is that it is close to the airport, you can walk to Canggu or Kuta, or take a very cheap transport. Also it is close to Tanah Lot, the biggest Hindu Temple in Bali,  but my highlight for this place is definitively Yoga 108 studio. 
*can be compared to the amount of Germans visiting Mallorca, or Macedonians and Serbians visiting the shore in Greece. 

Villa: Starfish Bali Villa
Address: Jl. Mertanadi, Gg. Bidadari IIB, No. 5, 80361 Seminyak, Indonesia
Recommendation:  😏 The accommodation looks better and brighter on the pictures. Truth it that it needs some painting and renovation.
Breakfast: No breakfast included
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash (27 EUR p.p./night)

DAY 6 – 8 UBUD (3 NIGHTS) 

Uluwatu was not on our itinerary, because we knew we had to let go off something. We still wanted to experience it a bit, and when leaving Seminyak, our driver took us to Uluwatu Temple, where the sights are amazing, and then we went to Dreamland Beach. Oh, those waves! Oh, that colour of the water. The bad thing about going from Seminyak to Uluwatu or vice versa is that there is only one car road, and the traffic jam is insane. You will have to pass by the airport, where the jam is at is peak at all times during the day, and this is one reason why I wouldn’t recommend Uluwatu as your last stop before the airport, especially if your plane departs from 8am onwards.(*Update: since end of 2019 there are two roads and the lines are more bearable). We headed to Ubud, and the days were relaxed, exploring the in town beauties, the Sacred Monkey Forest, the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, markets, Campaghin Ridge Walk, coffee plantation. We even took a motor ride to a beautiful resort in the jungle. Wondering on the streets of Ubud is already a highlight, enjoying its tiny streets as well, the ones without car transport especially, and a bit unconventional enjoyment was the visit to Room 4 Desert. This location is also great for exploring the temples on the east side of the island and the north as well. Tirta Ganga, Kehen Temple (underestimated but so nice and zero tourists), the most popular, but my least favourite Pura Lempuyan (unless you want to queue for 2 hours for the perfect insta shot), the amazing Tirta Ganga with the cute stores around, any other in this area. Many travellers are also enthusiastic about visiting the temples around the lake areas, especially Lake Beratan, but having so much sight seeing done, we were not in the mood for one more ride.

Accommodation: Lucky Family Cottage
Address: Jl. Yudhistira Gang.1, Banjar Kalah, Peliatan, 80571 Ubud, Indonesia 
Recommendation:  😀 The accommodation is beautiful and has everything that you need. The owner is one very nice woman, which makes perfect breakfast. Also very helpful regarding transport organisation. The rooms and the balconies are spacey and clean.
Breakfast: Perfect breakfast, freshly prepared, differs every day
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash (12 EUR p.p./night)

Our first 7 days wer well planned, and we had a return ticket to Singapore. But for the rest of the trip we wanted to see what we are going to like more, and what less, and what tempo would be suitable for us for the rest of the trip. One side’s wish was the North of Bali, and the other side’s wish was surfing lessons in Kuta. That is why our accommodation was not planned in advanced, but however we only needed an hour to sort out our next days. The only thing that was kind of wrong was the last minute cancelation by our initial host in Munduk, and we had to change our plans and found a spot in Bedugul


The previously mentioned lakes are on the way to Bedugul and Munduk (our initially planned spot), but there are also many other things like off the path waterfalls, unlike the very touristy ones. Since this was a last minute reservation the only available spot was in Bedugul and not in Munduk. Our room had a lake view, and was very close to hiking paths. Being here, we hiked to the Twin Waterfalls, but basically this day was about resting, and breathing fresh, or better said chilly air. The food options in the area were limited so we consumed all the food in our accommodation.

Accommodation: The Garuda Villa & Restaurant
Address:  Jalan Raya Wanagiri Sukasada, 81161 Bedugul, Indonesia
Recommendation:  🙂The accommodation is very OK. The negative thing is that we had room directly on the street, so you wake up with the sound of a motorcycle. Also there arent many things around so you are forced to eat in the Villa’s restaurant. The rooms are very modern and clean.
Breakfast: good breakfast, you can choose from the breakfast menu.
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash & Card (22 EUR p.p./night)


Lovina is just 20km far from Bedugul, but that road makes you feel as it is 200, just kidding, the road is steep downwards and very narrow, so our driver was not able to rest his foot from the brake. Our accommodation in Lovina was just perfect small beach house directly at the ocean, add on top of all sustainable and eco friendly with breakfast included. Yes I didn’t mentioned it was just 10€ per person per night. This was our place to take it easy, and our main activities were reading, and sunset watching. There were almost no tourists, and the one that were there were in their mid 50s. Lovina is famous for the dolphin watching tours and snorkelling, and we did everything that was there to be done. Apart from the breakfast in our accommodation, we were focused on snacking, but we also tried the local specialty fish Mahi-Mahi, other dishes were not really worth the mentioning. People here are more traditional, probably because they do not get to see all the tourist as in the South

Accommodation: Beach House Lovina
Address: Jalan Starlight lovina, 81119 Lovina, Indonesia 
Recommendation:  😀Probably my favourite accommodation from the trip. It is Eco, so down side is that it is not sound proof, but it is directly on the beach.
Breakfast: OK Breakfast you are served what is on the daily menu. (You can choose whether you eat on the beach or the balcony).
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash (11 EUR p.p./night)

DAYS 13 – 16 KUTA (4 NIGHTS)

A journey of around 5 hours, and we arrived in Kuta, we headed directly to Warung Damar, and we had the best Mie Goreng, so far, from this point we only started eating Mie Goreng. The first difference to other places, was that the motorcyclist here were not driving like crazy on the pavements, rather on the street. The next day we went food spots hopping, and finding a surf school. I was using the days to finish the book I started in Lovina, visited the shoe makers, and for buying presents. Lesson learned as a child, always buy presents on day 9. Kuta was close enough that I could have one more session in the Yoga 108 house, and I couldn’t be happier. The choice to go to Kuta was mainly because after some research we found out that it is the best place for beginner surfers and in the end we were also really happy that we managed to reach the airport in less than 10 minutes.

Accommodation: The BENE
Address: Jalan Benesari, 80361 Kuta, Indonesia
Recommendation:  🙂Our only hotel experience, it was OK, but at moments you can see the crowd, especially for breakfast. The room was cleaned daily, and it is 2 minutes walking from the beach.
Breakfast: Buffet table, and fresh prepared omelettes.
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash (20 EUR p.p./night)


Early landing from Bali and late flight home, saves us one night of hotel stay, and gives us the opportunity to spend 3 full days in Singapore. The first day was really relaxed, we took Orchard Road and then were exploring Hawkers Centres, a fully recommending experience. Next day was reserved for China Town during the day, and more food, and for the most famous panorama view of Singapore on the top of the Marina Bay Sands, and more food at the night food stands in Gardens by The Bay by night. The last day we had the tightest schedule, or as germans love  to say full program. We visited the Art and Science Museum, The Gardens during the day, the Vertical Wood Dome which is a total must, and then we were running back to queue for the second Michelin Star stand, and to finally end up sipping gin in Atlas Bar

Accommodation: Hotel G
Address:  200 Middle Road , Bencoolen, 188980 Singapore, Singapore
MetroStation: Bencoolen DT21 / Rochor DT13
Walking minutes from Station: 2 / 6
Recommendation:  🙂 Super nice interior with all the necessities you need, the rooms are small, the breakfast is 10 star experience. Not the centralest location, and if you want the perfect city view it is not the place for it.
Breakfast: Everything your soul wishes for
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash + deposit on arrival (58 EUR p.p./night)

It was a great trip for us, very laid back one, and the fact that somebody else was taking care of our rides from place to place, was the biggest relief. We were very happy with our driver – Jana and didn’t want to let him go during the whole trip. The other very great thing was that we were spending time both with friends and alone, so it brought perfect mix, and that we were visiting super both very famous spots and a not so famous one helped us to get  better picture about the life on the island. My initial wish was to split the time between Bali and The Gili Islands or Lombok, but due the Earthquakes that happened just a week before it was not the smartest option. But when I look back to the trip, now I know that each of them deserves a separate trip, or a very long one.


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