Trippin: Singapore Steam 01

Twelve hours, 200 grams dried apricots and few litres of water later, there we are, landing in Singapore, together with our flight neighbour with full bag Foodora delights, traveling to East Timor (only because the island is visited by 3-4 thousands tourists per year). The rainbow like colours in the plane while landing, kind of prepared us that there will be colours and diversity. Fast forward the flawless pass control, I started craving breakfast so bad. Fried chicken here, Dim Sum there, spicy spicy sauces, I couldn’t help but wonder, where is my Kaya toast?

Kaya = coconut jam (the toast itself contains jam, a topping of sugar, coconut milk and eggs, pandan and sometimes margarine or butter. A breakfast staple in Singapore).
Foodora = Food Delivery company

It appears this morning is not my lucky morning, maybe because it is 4am at the airport, and only the not picky ones can indulge themselves, said the person that doesnt even want to smell coconut, but somehow she had a good feeling about Kaya toast. 

Our next steps were: ATM – Metro – Ticket Machine – Customer Desk – Exchange Office – Ticket Machine

Your way, should not look like this. No no no no, don’t be like us, don’t do that. If you plan on taking one ride ticket always try to have notes of 2 or 5 SGD. (For early arrivals before 8am when the customer desks are still not open).

Off to transport (SMRT), we are on our way to what was supposed to be our “Capsule Room” in the Spacepod@SG. Turns out the capsule is double bunk bed in a room with 8 other beds. Normal hostel, with more plastic and light changing beds.

Hostel: Spaceapod@SG
Metro Station: Kallang EW10
Walking minutes from Station: 2
Recommendation: Please Don’t ( After my lowest review ever on, I’ve received a private message from the owner, discussing how a clean toilet should look like).
Breakfast included: Jam/Bread/Eggs/Coffee/Tea
Price: $$$$$

Walking around the main Road Geylang & Sims Lane, we realised that the city appreciates its sleep. So my saved spots in this area, are waiting for their better times. Luckily there were soo soo many little food shops opened, that there was no space for complaining, but just no Ice-Cream, no particular coffee spot, and still not a feeling of how the city lives ( later we found out that a lot of its life happens in the air-conditioned areas).

First Stop – Random opened Hindi Restaurant (more like a street food stand). We ordered the most expensive thing on the menu ($8), borek style pastry filled with spicy chicken. The spiciness of the food did not attracted me, but seeing how the people are having their liquids to go, I wished to non-stop order drinks. In a bag. With a strap/tape & straw included. Yuhuuu.
(I only had one drink like this, the anti single use plastic maniac in me, didn’t let me have more.)

We continue in some residential area in Sims Lane, passing by the smell of durian, the picturesque Koon Seng Road, ending  up in a coffee bar that looked pretty europeanised (and named pretty weird – AlibabaR Hawker Bar East Coast) with super nice fresh juice, and Kopi, Kopi, Kopi. 

Kopi – regular black coffee
Kopi O – regular black coffee with sugar
Kopi C – regular black coffee with condensed milk

Us the walkers, felt a bit tired from the sun, and in the moment that we wanted to catch the bus back, of course I was losing my orientation in space, and wanted to wait for the bus on my side of the street (right), and was refusing to cross. WRONG!  Time to check in, and I gave us sleep coupon till 4 o`clock, which for someone it was the best part of the trip so far.

In the second Part of the day fighting jet lag, there we are walking towards Little India. Walker companions on the streets almost zero, until reaching the first little food mall. Guilty as charged -durian ice-cream from (no no it is not me) Mcdonald’s – not impressed, but ice cold food was what I need). The bustling streets are starting at the Hindu Temple (Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple). The offer in the street stores of Little India is very similar to the streets of real India, but far less dusty.
Few poses here and there, some 15 minutes towards “east” and the most touristy Haji Lane awaits. This street is so different, that in case you were just dropped here, you wouldn’t know in which country you are, but I would probably say I am in Australia (despite the fact I’ve never been there). From Street food, and bars, souvenir shops, all for 20 (no trying allowed), to pimp your own flip flops, the street has e v e r y t h i n g, but most of all it has all the colors, too many, of them and too nice, all of them. Of course we didn’t fail to see the Arab Street and the Mosque. Fancy Hot dog, and we are on the hot pavement again. We checked out the Atlas Bar, but spotting the people waiting in line, we decided to come back when we look more presentable, without eye-bags.

It’s 8 o’clock and the most important ring in Singa happens, the friendship call, a reunion after 2 years. Another Yaaaay. Now I do not care what was according the plan, which part  is on the list for today, which one for the next days, and especially not in which bar I am going to be. 

So you guess, we continued to walk some more and I can say that we saw everything from Singapore on the outside in just a day. Merlion Statue, Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay sands, and the Clark Quay area, which was great, great, great. Pity we had an early next day flight, and that we are grannies by soul so our night ended at midnight. Cinderella call this time, and subway as a pumpkin. 

Merlion Statue – the official mascot of Singapore depicted as a mythical creature with a lion’s head and the body of a fish.

Z z Z Z Z zzz.


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