Trippin: Singapore Steam 02

After such an extensive number of lines for just one day in Singa, is it possible to fit 3 days in the same amount of lines? I hope so.

We landed early, went to our hotel, and because check in starts at 14:00, and the time is not unlimited, we are taking the Orchard Road route. So many malls, so so many malls, I can’t even count, nor explain. If I want particular something I wouldn’t know which one would I enter. But when you are hungry it is easy, the one that has written food closest to the streets. Bread Talk /Toast Box was what I was looking for since day one. Finally the long awaited Kaya toast, and my expectations are more than satisfied. We also took some small salty pastries, that I wouldn’t place on my to try list, but the earl grey bun, not enough descriptive words for it till the rest of my life. Loved it. We mixed it with an americano in dal.komm coffee, and we were happy with our improvised breakfast. Next was the search for a public library, which was where ??? of course in a shopping mall, but so nice, perfect sized and having all the sections.
After quick rest in Hotel G, we roamed around our area, went into the Fort Canning park, and learned about Singapore’s past. One corn dog later, and 10 minutes of window shopping (Charles & Keith really had everything I would love to wear)  because of the heavy rain, we are on the way to the east part of the city Bedok, for like a local hawkers experience – cane sugar juice included, and the real durian glove on experience in the middle of nowhere. Highlight of the night, Singapore has 200km of covered pavements so you can walk run or bike freely even on the heaviest rain or the strongest sunshine, we thought that the rain was over since everyone entering the metro was without any signs of rain on them. Pure perfection.

Charles & Keith – Singaporean brand for shoes, bags and accessories
Hawkers Centre – an open-air complex housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive food. They are typically found in city centres, near public housing estates or transport hubs.

Hotel: Hotel G Singapore
MetroStation: Bencoolen DT21 / Rochor DT13
Walking minutes from Station: 2 / 6
Recommendation: Super nice interior with all the necessities you need, the rooms are small, the breakfast is 10 star experience. Not the centralest location, and if you want the perfect city view it is not the place for it.
Breakfast included: Everything your soul wishes for
Price: $$$$$ (50eur. pp/night)

We wanted to be the last for breakfast the next day, mistake, because there aren’t enough words for deliciousness. There was everything for everyone, maybe the hotel doesn’t have the best views on the town, but I’d put my arm in fire that it is one of the best breakfast spots in Singapore. We started our way to Chinatown, of course walking. Found another Hindu temple and market, and couldn’t resist the traditional moon cake. Every shape color and price. Moon cake checked, recommending them, but arriving in China Town is real gem unlocked(not a hidden gem).

Moon Cake – round pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 3–4 cm thick, commonly eaten in the Asian regions, typically made from red beans and lotus seed paste.

First, getting there we passed by maybe my favourite street in Singapore – Club St, a bit too international, but the bars were WoW, just WoW, the small houses as well, there was a street with a mosque and a Hindu temple next to it on the entrance of China market, and of course heavy rain protection everywhere. Hard not to love the city, you can walk freely and enjoy all the delights, even a Michelin star rice chicken in a hawkers centre. We managed to fetch how the business people spend their breaks, a bit weird to see everyone dressed head to toe, lining up and running around to catch a table.

Is it too much to say that these kind of views achieved more from my appreciation compared to all the cleanness, skyscrapers, parks and you name it.

Chinatown was great success, small shops with big bags of tea, again pastries with unique fillings, 3.8$ Michelin star chicken, and the cheapest most colorful magnets from the city.
Again, super short stop at our room, and of course we are still on foot, we are detouring to Marina Bay Sands, Ce La Vie, the bar at the top (Entrance is 20SGD with drink included in the price), and then Gardens by the bay by night. I don’t know whether it is always there or did we hit special night, but there were food stands and we tried again everything that they had to offer, sour and salty and sweet. It is just impossible not to.

Final day it is, and we went earlier for breakfast so that we can catch up everything. First stop was the Art and Science museum. There were 3 exhibitions the standard light shows, Marvel and Dinosaur by wind. Well I was expecting more, considering all the reviews, but either people were just going for the picture, or we were not lucky with the program. This experience made us to reconsider our choices about visiting the both domes of Gardens by the Bay. In the end we decided to only go in the vertical forest. After my earl grey bubble pastry those were the best spent money in Singa. Worth every cent. Probably the flower dome is as well as good, but I can’t prove that. Next point chasing another Michelin star hawker stand, the all from pig parts soup with different noodles, the wait here was a bit longer ,and i just tried bits, didn’t forced myself to order one, but the companion enjoyed it.
Fast forward to a toilet changing room, hair clips and lipstick, we are in the line of Atlas Bar (8th Best bar in the world for 2019), with more than 1000 different types of gins, and one type of truffle mayo. We sipped our gin and tonics run to our hotel to pick up the bags, and used the first transport for the day to reach the airport.

After placing a full stop here I started thinking how opinions are changing after you give them a bit of space. At first when we left the city I wasn’t so excited about it, and I was complaining that I was expecting more, but now, I think that if we do next asian trip, I would definitely consider the city as a stop over. I what is inside the flower dome, do they have new pastries in BreadTalk, how are they going to exchange the plastic to go drinking bags, and will I finally buy a pair of high heels from Charls & Keith.  I know I will never stand the humidity, but to enjoy all of the above i will “ survive” few days.


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