U-Bahn Collage: Bernauer Straße

U-Bahn Line: U8
City Part: Mitte / Prenzlauer Berg
Exits: 2
Elevator: YES


🥐Bakery: Back Baron
🍫Wending Machine


If you want to arrive to Mauer Park or the Berlin Wall Memorial this is the station you need. Reaching this station you are also reaching many picturesque areas and streets as the Arkona Platz (that also has flea market on Sundays and food market on Fridays), the famous Strelitzer Straße serving you very clean view of the TV Tower, and Anklamer Straße.

Coffee & Co.

☕️ Cafe Hermann Eicke – Brunnenstraße 45, 1011 ☀️
My favourite spot in the area, they have very cosy seating both inside and outside, bonanza coffee and tasty brunch.
🍰Du Bonheur – Brunnenstraße 39, 10115 🌤
This pastry shop has very broad and diverse choice of quiches, pastries and cakes. They are not my top choice, but not bad at all.
🍧Süßfein – Brunnenstraße 156, 10115 ☀️
Great Ice-Cream flavors and iced coffee. Hazelnut + Vanilla Mohn are top of the tops.
🥙My Goodness – Brunnenstraße 24, 10115 ⛅️
Bowls, smoothies and healthy bars. I am not the biggest fan of their coffee, but the other things are OK. They are sharing the space with a Gym (BeCycle) which is also a gym clothing store.
☕️Black Apron – Invalidenstrasse 1, 10115 ☀️
Interior, coffee and cakes. And especially the almond lemon cake. A must try.
☕️Cup Arkona – Arkonaplatz 10, 10435 🌤
Cute coffee shop with Parisian style outdoor seating overlooking Arkona Park. They have cakes, coffee ice-cream. All are good.
☕️Cafe e Ciocolatta – Anklamerstr. 41, 10115 ☀️
Ultra tiny coffee shop with two tables and a small outside area. The owner just sparks authenticity. You can read the daily paper here.
To be explored:
☕️Handbestand – Brunnenstraße 42, 10115
☕️La Caffeteria – Brunnenstraße 153, 10115
☕️Cavolo Nero – Brunnenstraße 158, 10115
☕️The Rabbit Cafe – Strelitzerstrasse 70, 10115


🥙Kosher Life – Market for Jewish Kosher Food – Brunnenstraße 31, 10115 ☀️
Here I am coming for my favourite Tahini.
🍷L’Epicerie – French Deli Store – Brunnenstraße 49, 10115 ☀️
All french delights and wine varieties.


🍻Tarantino’s Bar – Bar – Brunnenstraße 163, 10115
🥃Roberta Bar – Bar – Zionskirchstraße 7, 10119


🍲Chay Viet – Vietnamese – Brunnenstraße 164, 10115 🌦
The place is popular within business lunch hours, not my first choice but it is popular among the public.
🍜The Tree – Chinese – Brunnenstraße 167, 10115☀️
Great interior and short but authentic menu. I think that 95% of the meals are spicy.
🍲Lemongrass – Vietnamese – Anklamerstr. 38, 10115 🌥
The famous chain with average and constant offer.
To be explored:
🍗Jasper’s – Restaurant & Boutique hotel – Anklamerstr. 27, 10115
🍷Mauerwinzer – Wine Bar – Wollinerstrasse 20, 10435
🍖Altberliner – German Restaurant – Fürtsenbergerstr. 1, 10435
🥗Supersonico – Restaurant – Bernauerstrasse 71/72, 13355
🍽Heimlich Treu – Restaurant – Anklamerstr. 38, 10115

Interior & DEcoration

🌾Lovliy – Brunnenstraße 164, 10115 ☀️
💐Floristik Live Lindern – Brunnenstraße 164, 10115☀️

Parks & Sights

🏞Mauer Park – Bernauerstr. ☀️
🏞Arkona Park – Arkona Platz☀️
🏰Berlin Wall Memorial – Bernauerstr.☀️
Starting from Schwedterstrasse all the way to Nord Banhof you have an open museum for the Berlin Wall from how it was built till the fall. And ends with the Berlin Wall Memorial where you can have learn even more about the history of the wall.

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