Trippin: Amsterdam w/o agenda

Going to the office second time after the social distancing period, didn’t positively affected my working motivation, but when I came home I was motivated more than ever to finally book a trip.
I just asked the companion are you in. Nodding more than nodding was the answer.

On the positive side of the last-minute trip booking was the fact that we had a voucher from Deutche Bahn, from a trip not taken in April, and prepaid vouchers from Flixbus on a special price. In our mind this seemed like a total free of charge trip. Extra happiness.

On Saturday morning at 6:34 we took the direct train from Berlin to Amsterdam. Direct, but stopping on every single stone in Germany. Six hours later there we are.

*the train situation was very good, there were enough empty seats and enough empty spots around you. The rules in the Netherlands are a bit stricter than in Germany, the face mask can’t be a clothing garment or a bandana. If you don’t comply with this regulation the fine is 95euros.

If you ask me have I been before to Amsterdam, yes of course, have I seen something concrete for me, well not really. This time it was different because we immediately went to the library, which is less then 10 minutes walk from the Central Train station. Impressive building both in and out. Then strolling the streets we reached our hotel, situated in Jordaan, part of the city considered not a touristy one. I fell in love with this part of the city, that the next morning I woke up at 7 o’clock and made my usual zigzaging through the streets.

One shower later we were out in town. As the title says without agenda. And it was perfect. I just had in mind that I would like to see all the areas that were around, not strictly red light district area, and the 9 streets (9 Straatjes). However we needed to stroll a bit through the town for the sake of stroop waffel and a hotdog, (we were considering our time very valuable to stand in line for the famous cookies), and then took the Museumplein area. The grass is definitively the greenest here, and it always is everywhere you go abroad 🙂 so we spent some time here people and architecture watching, and finally through the museum quarter, passing by the cutest corners and most colorful balconiess, while also taking picture of every door and bicycle, we reached Vondel Park. Of course we did Albert Hijn stop for the bare necessities (wine, beer & co.)
From a wedding, birthday, haare krishna suporters and a trampoline ball game, we enjoyed it here, it felt so much more natural then the parks we are used too, but maybe everything was due the overexcitement of being on the first trip after 143 days. Or 39.07% of 2020

We needed a little rest, and on the way to the hotel we spotted Vegan Junk Food Bar, so we stopped for a KapSalon. Finger licking amazing. Even a fries hater was impressed. Then we just wanted to see inside the Foodhallen, and ended up with spicy balls, gin tonic and local craft beer. After this we desperately needed 30 minutes off. And the night was for more canals, more window shopping more kilometers. Total of the day 36KM, and about 60 happy teeth.

On our day two I had on my own photowalk, and then even a longer walk towards the De Pijp, in order to have breakfast in Dignita Garden Haus. On the way there we stopped for a coffee, then entered the museum-restaurant @droog, and finally ended up in our location. The garden was amazing, if you are coming for lunch time reservation is appreciated, but we were in brunch time and Hollandaise sauce was in both of our plates. Then more canals, more admiring of nice houses, layover in Sarpathi Park (again with prior visit to Albert Heijn), and this park felt even better. Not because of the parisian vibe due the houses around, but also because of the people. Our window-shopping stop was the Coffee & coconuts cafe, and then Manneken Pis fries and in order avoid heavy rain, we had a mixed bread plate in a neighbourhood cafe in Jordaan, Cafe Theijs. They have own craft beer as well. We ended our day with two cups of tea in our Hotel and then on the way to the bus station Sloterdijk. 9 hours later we arrived in Berlin, and by the time we reached our home-office it was time for the first meeting

*travelling with FlixBus was not so pleasant this time. The seats were unassigned, so if you are not fast enough you could easily end up sitting next to a stranger (in normal conditions totally fine, but in new normal, not really) Also all the busses leaving from this station were fully booked. And there wasn’t an option for booking a seat.

Hotel: Linden Hotel
Transport Station: Haarlemplein / Westermark
Walking minutes from Station: 8/10
Recommendation: 😊 Very satisfied with everything here, the rooms are tiny, but if you don’t need a working desk, everything is perfect.
Breakfast included: Breakfast was not available due to Covid19.
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Cash & Card (39 EUR p.p./night)


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