Trippin: Ain’t no other, like a Danish

In 2019 when spontaneous trips and half-way meetings with friends were still possible, we decided for Copenhagen. The reason was the good flight connection, but the real reason was “kardemommesnurrer” – pardon my Danish.

Sixty sky minutes and some twentyish train minutes later we arrived at the Copenhagen Central Station, and just 3 minutes on foot we reached the hotel, and most importantly our friends.

Hotel: Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER
Transport Station: Copenhagen Central Station
Walking minutes from station: 3
Recommendation: 😊 Very Central, with nice lobby
Breakfast included: NO
Price: $$$$$
Payment: Card (50 EUR p.p./night)

Planning a “good month weather” trip to Scandinavia equals gambling. You never know. It was end of May, and luckily we were well equipped. Rain boots ON. But with that amount of bakeries, and such great friends around, we’ll leave the weather in the shadow.

First rule in Scandinavia, you cant really relay on spontaneousness. Working hours are limited, compared to what we are usually used to in Berlin and Macedonia (everything almost always open). That is why our first stop was in the Østerbro area, for breakfast at Juno the Bakery. Being closed in the next two days (Mondays & Tuesdays) it was our only possibility to go there, and we spent full hour in front of it, going three times in and coming out with more and more things. All of them with a mind-blowing review.

The weather was requiring an indoor spot, so second on our agenda was Torvehallerne Food Market, which called for coffee time at Coffee Collective and Smørrebrød – pardon my Danish again. The market is full of food stalls with raw and prepared food, fresh produce in the outside area, and everything from food you can think of.

I know a song that says east side to the west side, our path was now to the North part of the city Nørrebro, right in the opening time of Mikkeller Beer bar, and the first cider of the day. Some beers were included as well. Then strolling through the city center, the day continues with the most famous hotdog in the city Døp, lots of varieties, vegan options and classic toppings. The price of course starting from 30 DKK.

The stroll continues towards Nyhavn or the colourful houses area, where I couldn’t help but enter every restaurant backyard and admire how they have nicely arranged it. Tiny allies, and more colorful streets on a very gloomy weather called for a beer pub. The night was for Mikkeler that was next to our hotel. Pretty eventful.

The first day was a lot of zigzaging around the city, my favorite explorative path. On the second day we were a bit more organized. Having bread aficionados and a food stylist in the crew, meant only one, there is going to be bread and snurre for every meal of the days.

Day two started with Andreas & Maillard bakery, their amazing choco espresso rolls, continues in Mayers Bageri and the most stunning street in Copenhagen, Jaegersborggade. Ill just say, bakeries, cafes, concept stores and colours. One round around the area brought us to Superkilen park, diversity and posers heaven. If you are travelling with kids, they will be thankful. Around this area there are also some interesting coffee shops, I mean no need to mention, as everywhere around.

Public transport alert, we took a bus from Nørrebro to Christiania Free town, and what I admired the most were the houses in which people decide to live, I guess I can never be that free. There is a rule, the citizens must agree if they will accept you to live here, and you cant take anything with you when you decide to leave. Smart and sustainable. This area was also where the iconic Christiania Bikes were born. It started as a birthday present 35 years ago, and now it is symbol of the country. Due the fact that the bike has remained unchanged for more than 25 years it has the Danish Design Award.

Our last stop in the area was Refshaleøen, a Street food island. Place where ships were produced in the past, and now home on one of the biggest street food markets in Europe. We didn’t see it in a fool bloom due Monday hours and wind conditions, but we had great time and tacos, and burgers and everything great.

In Macedonia we have a saying that you should walk as long as your legs can hold you, we were doing beyond that, the late afternoon was spent in Taphouse, and few pictures were snapped in front of the City Hall. No rings were exchanged, everyone kept the same martial status. Good.
Did you know that Copenhagen is the easies place to get married in Europe. You need less than a week to do that. Only Gibraltar can beat this speed (there you can get married in 24hours), but it is far less accessible.

Monday was not providing us with a lot of night time options. The places we wanted to go were either closed or empty, so we set the rule no Mikkeller and no random over touristy Irish pub. I would say Mikkeller would have been a better option, but how else would we have seen boys and girls playing the needle game. Anyways we are morning people.

As morning people we did get the worm. The worm was brunch spot in Cafe September. Rustic place with modern interior and flowers everywhere around. The offer was the typical brunch menu PEAS, pancakes, eggs, avocado, salmon. Our daily dose of steps was around the interior stores on the main square and in the Købmagergade strreet, another very nice street, but more consumer oriented.

Our farewell happened in Democratic Cafe accompanied by the tastiest almond croissant. Every cafe that we went to was my favorite, but this was the most of all. It is within a library, there were students, studying, people browsing around, and it brought me back in my student exchange time in Finland where spending time in the library was more pleasure than an obligation.

As you might have noticed, not massive sight seeing was done, not even 10% of what we have placed on our map was visited. This city definitively calls for more.


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