Trippin: It’s always sunny in Andalucia

The birthday present situation as we know it. A trip. Destination decided of course on the basis on cheap tickets options. But I had Mijas on my radar for waaaay too long. Another longer weekend abroad. Yeeey.

Reaching the city centre from the airport was easy peasy, one train away, and a short walk on 20ish degrees in the evening. Last time I had about 20 degrees weather was about 6 months ago. We were aiming for churros, but one never stops learning, and now I know those are considered breakfast food. Nevertheless, so many bars and copas around, and we had to start as we were doing about 10 years ago. Copas! Then, step here, step there and the bocadillo kiosks started popping. Like mushrooms. So, when in Spain, always aim for churros, even if you miss, you’ll end up with a jamon bocadillo. Which is even better.

*Copa –
*Bocadillo –

Hearing Buenos dias sounds like Churros in my ears. And we started with our first round in cafe Molina, just at the entrance of our accommodation. Fifty cents a piece and hot chocolate. I guess I approve sweet breakfasts only on birthdays. Next, we were on the discover city route, snapping all the corners of the old city, strolling along the promenade, resting at the beach, stuffing ourselves with montaditos, and then tapas for lunch, and in the night you guess: Copas again. This time we started with a bit more special, on a rooftop overlooking the cathedral. As the night was getting younger we mixed up with the crowds again.


Casa Al Sur Terraza

The only trip that I wanted to do while here, was going to Mijas, but I was “brainwashed” from many sides, that I should not skip Marbella, and we decided to stop by. Everything except the old town, and one bakery, was definitively not my cup, neither my coppa. Too touristy and too “hotely”. Probably in the summer months you get the real deal, but now it just seemed like too many Irish Pubs, retired citizens from the northern parts of the continent, and way too much concrete.

So rather sooner than later, we were on a bus to Mijas. Or the white village. Being painted white and blue, and having donkeys as a taxi, you start wondering what came first Santorini or Mijas?
Whichever was, both are beautiful. And even more snaps, as the streets were almost empty, and that is how you. turn into happy jumpy child, as if turning 12, not a little bit more. Finishing our visit with Paella and red wine we left Mijas, being a bit sad that we didn’t spend the full day here. I don’t know if this calls for next time, but I hope so.

Our last day was devoted to brunch, arts and history, so we started the day at Julia’s cafe, then visited the fortress Alcazaba, and the Gibralfao castle, overlooking the city and smelling Oranges blossoming trees. If I am going to remember this trip for something that is definitively going to be the smell of Oranges, which was especially noticeable here. Our tour ended with Picasso’s house and coffee in a very touristy sunny square.

After that, we had even more churros. On this trip we ate them four times. And definitively realized, why they are consumed with old fashioned hot chocolate and not with sweet sauces. Believe it or regret it.

I came back from the trip older and wiser, churros are breakfast meal, don’t visit everything that it is recommended to you, and you can’t do more than two copas in one night, but also, find a destination that you want to visit, and choose the travel dates based on the oranges blossoming period.


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