Trippin: Christmas or Easter – April in Bremen

Usually one always escapes somewhere abroad for Easter holidays, but that year we decided to stay in the country, and explore another city. It was decided it is going to be Bremen.
Weather chillier as usual, and the signs on the road were not very magical, meaning we were seeing snow. And just as we arrived in the city it was even chillier than ever, starring at the cute houses, there was only one thing to ask ourselves: are we here for Easter or Chrismtas?

Together with Berlin and Hamburg, Bremen is the third city that acts as an own (smallest) state in Germany. The Weser river makes the city port city, it is the home of Beck’s, and the Grimm Brothers’s tale about the City Musicians..

We started our day at the Markt Halle Acht, where from the various stands you could choose delights and wine. It was cold outside so we had to. Then we continued exploring the old town. The city is super picturesque, with red houses that look exactly like the ones in the previous block, so getting lost is guaranteed. It is not a secret that I tend to mark my favorite streets in every city, so that day I placed Böttcherstrasse on my list.

What we had for lunch that day, I do not seem to remember, but what I surely do remember is that we had a lot of sweets from one of the chocolate stores in the city area called, Schnoor. Here we also visited one of the best looking cafes with self made caked – Teestübchen im Schnoor. If Bremen is a labyrinth, this is the castle of it.

Bremen has an Old City, a New-Old City and New City, I find it funny, because a bit of creativity with the names wouldn’t harm. Our accommodation was in the newest part of the city, after crossing the river, and some nice parks and streets. Inner feeling for the way of building the houses in this part of the city, was Notting Hill. (I’ve never been to London.)

The night was reserved for meeting a friend, who was here for his PhD work, and we started the evening in a bar on our side of the river – Charlotte Gainsbourgh, and after party in the Ostertorsteinweg or the party street in the city. Bar hopping was on the menu or should i better say, shots hopping. Some of them were too extreme for me, so gin-tonic was the company for me.
The night ended, as a night out could end – in a döner joint. That high life.

In one of Bremen’s bakery chains we had breakfast, i think it was Müller & Egerer Bakery, and then we did another stroll in the old town, ending the trip at Schüttinger Brewery. Of course the menu was Flammkuchen and meat.

You might tell that we did the touristy staff, but that is the price paid when doing trips over Easter.
For my next visit I already have the places i want to visit and drink coffee, so spring, what are you waiting for?


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