Staycation: Borkheide

The year of limits, but limits we unfortunately couldn’t push, most of the hotels and vacation rentals were not accepting tourists from Berlin, especially not ones planning minute before an event, under condition that we need no car, but a regional train. We had shortlisted 4 places, and after endless number of phone calls, by mistake we ended up in Borkheide in Brandenburg. Truth is I have never heard about this place before, even though it is just one stop after the famous Beelitz.

What mattered most was that the weather was sunny, there was a bbq and even small pool. We organized as one could organize 3 hours before departure, but luckily there were few local grocery shops, a bakery, fruit and veggies shop, plus Edeka and Netto. We were more than fine.

Did nothing more than eating, playing games and laughing, and just before we were supposed to take our train back to Berlin, we decided it would be a good idea to take a walk through the woods.

Apparently Borkheide is the home of the first flight school in Germany, has a plane museum, natural pool, and many weekend houses. Nothing special but totally decent last minute destination.

You can reach Borkheide with the RE7 regional train on the Berlin – Dessau line.


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