Trippin: 4 days & 28km in Tenerife

Being digital nomad is probably one of the best things in the world, but being a friend of one is not that bad either. You always hear about new plans, experiences and if you are lucky you get to visit the nomad and experience a bit of their life. That is what I did. Took the 4 hour flight from Berlin to Tenerife, to spend 4 days there. And even though I didn’t check everything that was on my list, I had such a great time. Friends and jamon are match made in heaven.

The ride from the airport to our accommodation was about ten minutes long, and my mouth was wide open as I was saying wow every second. It was magical. And there were even billboards devoted to the nature saying in Spanish “We are the exterior of the Canary”. I really fell in love.

For a place to stay we chose a a very cute camping site. For me this would have been the first experience of that kind, but luckily as they weren’t fully booked we got an upgrade an a toilet inside our cabin.

My number one wish was to visit San Cristóbal de La Laguna in the North of the island, but since bus was our only available vehicle I had to be calm with the fact that we are not going too far. That is why the furthest we want was about 28 kilometers.

The first day we went to El Medano, the surfers and kite paradise, had churros along the way and endlessly long talks on every topic. Then my friend mentioned something about an open-air (cave) church, and with the help of a few locals we were on foot on the way to Cueva Del Hermano Pedro.
Luckily one older couple took us in their car, otherwise we wouldn’t have made it. It is definitively not a flip flops road.

Then a well deserved wine and jamon in the beach bar – chuiriguito Pirata. Everything was so cheap here, afterwards I learned that the taxes were lower on the Canary Islands. I think this was my favourtie spot of them all. Just Simple. The wine was with a view on the Red Mountain (Montana Roja). And all of it already included in the price.

On our day two we broke the bus system, and learned that it was much cheaper to have a bus card instead of buying single trip rides. We had a bus directly in front our place, and went in direction Los Cristianos, town that served like a capital bus stop for this part of the island. There was no plan, just walking and our decision was to sit wherever we feel we like it. Every place was good, but you always walk a bit more hoping for even better. I was so surprised of the amount of crowds in this time of the year. Later I found out that it is almost always in season. Suddenly we were tired and layed our towels at Troya Beach, later we had paella at one of the too many touristy first row restaurants, and we had basically the same route on our way back.

Day 3 started same as the one before, breakfast in our place, bus but this time to the point where we stopped yesterday, Costa Adaje and more walking. Adaje was everything that I don’t like about a place. Way too many tourist pleasing spots, buildings without concept, 700 hundred different styles, and waaaaay tooo much concrete and commercials written in all. the possible languages. Yikes.

But going further and reaching the Duce Beach we had the most pleasing sight. Clean beach, decorated with style and a very nice cafe.
If you are having a gin & tonic moment at Tenerife. This is the place for it. Our road leads us further to an area with the higher class hotels and black sand beaches, and our end point this time was La Caleta. The bus availability was helping us create the plan. Between these two beaches there were a few more, one of which super lively and with way more people than the others, probably because of the Beach Bar Coqueluche.

My last day was the grayest of them all, and we decided to take it easy and stay close to our accommodation. This day included wondering how the temperature by the sea is almost 20 degrees, but when i opened the eyes the first thing i saw was snow on the top of Teide Mountain. The rest of the day we visited 4 or 5 food and coffee spots in El Medano.

100 Montaditos as our number one, one ice-cream spot, a coffee spot, and my favorite of the day was a small restaurant directly at the sea where we finally had tapas. And we underestimated the size of Spanish tapas.
It was only us, the owners and the waves, but I was not even asking for anything more.


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