Trippin: Quedlinburg

In the time of frequent travels, just going around Berlin, was always falling behind, and going to any other place was more interesting. But on the positive side, we need to get to know other parts of the country we live in. Going places is especially easy when there is a group of people that you know very well and when they are as flexible as you are. We had some leftover Flixbus tickets, and we were exploring where should we invest them. And we agreed on Quedlinburg.
Small city in the Sachsen-Anhalt republic, around 200km south-west from Berlin. It is very picturesque, very cozy and protected by UNESCO. It is situated North of the Harz Mountains and it belongs to the Harz Area.

We visited the city on a weekend in February, and while walking from the station to the AirBnb, we were wondering where the people are, you can hardly see anyone. We blamed it on the cold weather, as we knew that the city is popular in summer time. The city is also part of the Romanesque Road – scenic holiday route.

Our accomodation was old purple house in the old town, called Ferienwohnanlage Alter Topf, and it was between the Lude Brewery and the Vincent Cheese Cake cafe if we speak in food terms, or between the Marktplatz and the Castle in sight seeing terms.

Of course we started with casual walk around the town searching for lunch. Searching for what is open to be more precise. Our destiny of the day was Le Feu the place for Flammkuchen in Quedlinburg. Totally decent. Afterwards we were exploring the old town and its tiny streets further more. It had all the typical german stores and boutiques, but what had my attention was a shop devoted to Finland – Little Finland. When it was time for an afternoon stop we visited Roland’s Cafe. Funny thing about this cafe is that is also called “the cafe in 7 houses“, when you’ll see it you will know why. It was very hard to come to a decision in which room to sit, and even harder which cake to eat. The nights were for home partying a.k.a playing games, chatting & co.

Our second day started with breakfast in a small cafe and roastery Samocca, we had bagels and all of them were great. Next, on our way to the castle, which was unfortunately closed due a renovation, we entered some shops selling Harz delights, different types of honey mostly, but also small shops, with very well curated gifts section. After making a circle around the castle, we sat down in what seemed the most typical cafe of the city, the Cheesecake cafe. There were so many varieties. I always pick up poppy seed.

While in Quedlinburg my camera was always on, but what took the most space on the memory card, and in my attention was the Schlossberg street. Live fairytale.

Our time in Quedlinburg ended with typical german meal at the Ludde Brewery. It had such a cozy atmosphere and interior and the food was good. I think this place deserves a visit in summer where the city can represent itself in a full bloom. But also because a local I trust mega much recommended a restaurant (Prinz Heinrich), that was unfortunately closed in off season times.


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