Trippin: Barcelona is always a good idea

If you are thinking where your next, family, friends or love reunion should happen, Barcelona is really a good idea. Full vacation or a weekend and even a bachelor trip, there is not only something but too many options that this city is providing.

I went for the first time in Barcelona in 2012 as a stop over of a euro trip, we had about 48 hours, and wanting to see everything, going shopping, and meeting friends that live there is simply not enough. On this trip we saw the main tourist attractions, spent most of our time in the Gotic quarter and ate bocadillos. But being first timer in the city, it was not enough.

Feeling that the vibe of the city was great, and 30th birthday of a friend approaching was more than a good reason to place it on our summer holiday agenda in 2014. Four girls, in the city sounds like a lot of fun, except if you are too chatty and someone steals your friends wallet, but if you look after yourself party is guaranteed. This time we expereienced bit more from the city. Villa de Gracia, Park de Ciutadella, and together with the locals our party was around Les Corts in the tiny squares and streets, but as our main event was happening in Calafell after 3 nights in the city we continued 60kms from Barcelona, and had the best beach party and one of the best parties in my life.

Fast forward 2016, long distance relationship reunion calls for yet another Visit in Barcelona. This time we were not so focused on the city, but more on our friends in the city. We stayed and cooked at home, attended beaches that were not Barceloneta, and sitting in neighbourhood bars ordering all the tapas from the menu, but mainly tortilla and aioli. It was my first time in the bunkers with the broadest city panorama. This time we focused on exploring food spots, and apart from cronuts tapas and all the fruits and veggies we ended up in Vietnameese restaurants and Irish pubs, but nothing mattered as long as we were doing like the locals and in spontaneous matter with our frineds.

Skipping the biannual visit, had to be compensated with two visitis in 2019 and they happened in one month. The first time it was a stop over of yet another 30th birthday, this time in Sitges, and the funniest Yellow Humor party. After easy beach days, and some prior visits in the city, we decided to spent our limited Barcelona hours around Poble Neu and then on one of the most amazing experiences. SUP Yoga. Even though it was end of September, and the sea was wavy nothing stopped us from having full relaxing Yoga hour. Something that everyone should try or practice. We ended the trip with tapas and pinchos in Cevesaria Catalana and run to the airport. Even though running this was such a relaxing visits.

One month later it was a reunion time with one of my besties from Singapore. She is inlove with everything spanish, so we ate tortilla and bread with tomato on every stone if I may say so.We found the best tapas spots, sat at bars, walked all the possible miles, and after five visits of the city I finally visited the Sagrada Basilica.

As years are passing priorities are changing so my trips were not going in the party direction. But this really is the city where you can have it all. I am still having one more Barca visit on my mind, and it is with the parents as it is their life long wish.


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