Trippin: Rome – Not your summer destination

When you are young and not so experienced, and especially with limited vacation days and budget, of course you are choosing the destinations with the cheapest flights. Not that I am not striving to reach that now, but luckily, I can compromise the days, with the budget and the location. That is why how some 7 years ago took the trip to Rome. And if you are wondering what is so wrong with Rome, I have nothing to complain, but Rome in August. Don’t do that.

Luckily that was only our start of the vacation, before we continued to the sea, and since it was our first time we didn’t want to skip anything. Mistake number one, we found one city map with 34 tourist sights, and we tried to check them out in 3 days, even if from the outside. Uh by the time we were at number 27, i was fainting and begging my friends to stop, we didn’t. Not only because I was not impressed, but because I was so fed up with the spots, i was not even paying attention what we were looking at, and the heat was not helping.

The best of all on this vacation was that our hotel was with breakfast included, and the hotel garden was in a park, girls time can never go wrong even if different characters are connected, Rome can never be wrong, and the pasta hunt was always a success. We tried to split the days in three parts of the city.

The first days was for all the centrally located tourist spots: the Colosseum, Vitorrio Emanuelle 2, the Roman Forum, Fontana di Trevi, having a break around the Spanish Steps and finnishing around Piazza di Poppolo.
On our second day the initial plan was to go to Vatican, but since we found out that there was some event happening and the Vatican was only open to the pre-announced groups, we went to Trastevere, Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiori and the Island of the Tiber River. The last day was supposed to be our Vatican day, and we reached it, and then in the time when we were still posting photos on Instagram in real time, friends from my Erasmus time contacted me and that is how I missed some of the tourist map spots, and went for a Negroni and Campari Soda with them. That was a total highlight. Another highlight was dipping our legs in the fountains as they were burning, struggling to eat ice-cream before it got melted, and all the pasta that we had. But I already mentioned that.

On the lowlight side struggling to hydrate ourselves, the are around the Termini station, and buying airport bus tickets were on the “top-low”. Not having the time to visit the Borghese Gardens was also not so cool from us. After this visit, I had visited Rome 2 more times, I could navigate without a map, but I was spending more time in Trastevere, still not enough. Through the years I have also marked other cool neighbourhoods worth the visit, but now I am waiting for safe travel time and at least autumn temperatures.


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