Trippin: Frankfurt through the years

Note to self: Never judge a city based on a one day visit, and especially not if you didn’t move more than 1km from the touristy center. That was me stating how Frankfurt is not my cup of anything, except of apple wine, even though my first visit was on a sunny day, and perfect blue sky. I got the idea that it was all suites and ties, nothing concrete to be seen, except the concrete and that it was all about the money. Plus the things I’v heard before about the city, didn’t set my expectations high.

The highlight of my first visit of Frankfurt was definitively the Bethmannpark and the small Chinese garden, the bamboos as well, at that time, early may everything was in full bloom, and there were rabbits jumping around. We were literally in full swing as we occupied one of the many swings in the park.

Now, five years later, the park was still such a highlight for me and the plants were not the only ones that took my attention. All the people visiting the park were kind of happy and dressed up so if you are into happy people watching, then write this place down.

Another before and after is about food, I men if you are into frankfurter wurst or the well known Frankfurter Kranz cake, then that is a classic, but If you are looking for asian or turkish food in Germany, then Berlin might be the place, but for Balkan food, Frankfurt has no competition. From ambience to taste, the balkan vibe can be seen in one of the many “Kafanas” in the city. My friends took me to “Wie zu Hause” (Like at home). The food was good, but this place was all about the ambience, suddenly you are forgetting that you are in Germany.

This years Menu was accompanied by cevapcici, greek gyros, and burek, and all of them were M E G A.
On my first visit I only ate frankurter saussage, the second time was about all that Kafana stuff, then on my third visit it was about coffee, and pastry stops, and this year was all about to go.
The only classic that never gets old for me and i never skipped was the apple wine.
Sipping it on the banks of Main river, or on one of the bustling squares as Friedberger Platz with all the fancy young people, on a Friday Market day is a win-win

Speaking of Neighbourhoods, I havent been everywhere but first it is on my list, ans second from all the things I saw I liked the parks the most, but also streets as Oder Weg, the area around Luisen and Merian square, but also riding bike Westend. The wide vallies around the Preugensheim area, were also very cool, as I havent seen so many people doing daily activities around canola fields.

Call me cliche, but top of the tops and in a real sense of the word, all kilometers upward ride was THE SPOT. Lohrberg park, providing the best skyline view over the city, for me it was as if I am in New York feeling. On sundays it tends to get crazy and packed but if you want to have the park for yourself, then any other day will work.

Frankfurt is also about Trinkhalle – drinking spots, similar to Spatti shops in Berlin, and one old fashioned Trinkhalle is transformed in one of the nicest cafes not only in the city, but further. Fein Frankfurt is like one open air living room, serving the tastiest pastry. This year they opened another spot in the city, MOMI Cafe, but unfortunately here I only managed to try the cappuccino 10/10 of course.

So let’s repeat. When in Frankfurt:

Never skip apple wine, river or park your choice.

Move a bit further from Römer and you will experience all the beauty, of the city. Offenbach, Preugensheim, Nordend or any tinyer street. Don’t forget to look for an artistic facade.

Admire the canola fields or the TV Tower

And if you really must stay in the old town, don’t forget to visit the new-old town, because there are specialty coffee shops, there is the Small Market hall, and many ice cream shops.

But sincerely I hope you have that extra day for an extra mile to Lohrberg Park.


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