Trippin: Fairytale Marburg

City of the Grimm Brothers, even though they were not born here, they spent most of their youth here, soaking inspiration from it. I knew nothing about the city before stepping here, except that it is very cute, that it has many eco-stores (as my colleague at work said ökö-laden), and of course the castle, and that it is student city. The decision to come here was based on minutes needed to arrive, and from Frankfurt it is exactly 55. The other option was Heidelberg, but there are next times.

As we arrived and only the parking lot and the bakeries were open, that was the logical step, breakfast by the Lahn River, on the Lahn stairs, like the locals. And it was very calm and relaxing. Next was the route along the Weiderhauser Street, one of the most picturesque that I’ve seen. Except the colorful doors and houses there was a craft beer store. And while walking along the street I was thinking this must be the city center, but where are all the shops. But I was wrong, many streets wrong.

Then we decided to go to the castle – Landgrafenschloss and that is when i realized that there is whole new world called, the old town, and was it amazing? Yes. Beyond words.

The Central Market Square in the Upper City or Oberstad was the first sign of things getting back to normal, people were entertaining themselves sipping drinks and enjoying the sun. The streets around were equally gorgeous with the nicest houses, sculptures devoted to the Grimm brother’s stories, and finally I saw the “eco” shops, even though all of them were closed, it was nice for the eye.

One of the streets I liked the most was the Steinweg or the “Stone Road” which was kind of three streets tied in one, and as we were walking it downwards there was nothing there not to love. The best part at the end of the street there was an amazing flower shop called Kochanow – boutanique, and an ice cream shop, and also a beautiful green wood house with a magnolia tree, ups I guesss there was too much beauty at one spot.

The botanic garden which was part of the university yard was also worth spending time in, we didnt have time for a picnic as the locals, but slow stroll just did the trick, and we ended our trip where we started it, on the river bank with pizza, not the best one but the options were limited and unexplored, next time we are doing better, because it is totally wort to be seen again.


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