Trippin: Day Trip in Skopelos

When you go with 0 expectations, or nothing more than Mama Mia expectations, you can get surprised, but even better is when you get blown away. I think that half of the photos that i made on this trip, were actually done on our day trip to Skopelos, and that is why they deserve separate exibition. 🙂

We decided to go for the cheap un-touristy version of a day trip (if that is possible), and took a ferry instead of an excursion. The difference is that the excursions are visiting 3 beaches, and with the ferry you can customize your trip as you wish, since the Ferry stops in both Skopelos town and Loutraki. We decided for the main town, even though, very close to Loutraki is the touristy town Glossa, that has some of the best restaurants on the island.

Strolling through the streets and taking photos was how we spent our first hour, but also indulging the trade-mark of the island, Skopelos pie. I think no street was left un-captured, and we enjoyed the view over a lemonade at a tiny cafe close to the church at the castle.

As we recalculated the time, and knew that we want to visit some beaches, we rented an ATV, for 25euros for the whole day, and started the beach tour, entered 4 but decided to only stay at 2, one of them the popular Kastani Beach, or Mama Mia beach, but it really had the best water from all the beaches that we visited on both Skopelos and Skiathos, and Limonari beach, which also had crystal clear water, and good beach vibe.

Many of the beaches here were offering free sunbeds, as there werent so many tourists on the island, it definitively deserves a trip back, but even for such a short amount of time I can say that Skopeolos is worth second longer visit.


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