Winter Trippin: Geneve -Grenoble – Le 2 Alpes

Even the birds know March is our snow month. And everyone else that we booked again with Usually we are easy on the decision where to go, but this year I wanted Andorra, he wanted Austria and compromising we landed in France. This time in Les Deux Alpes. I never look at the piste before going, I am more of the exploring the surroundings, the connecting cities, and where we should definitively have a bite.

It seems that this year, everyone and their aunties decided to come to Les Deux Alpes, as finding a good connecting public transport, or better said any connecting public transport was almost impossible. In the end we made it, but that included a stop over in Geneve and Grenoble. I’m not complaining at all. Just stating that this point should not be left as almost last to organize.

Once you land at the Geneve airport. there are plenty of shuttle bus services that bring you to the destination, unfortunately Geneve – Les Deux Alpes didn’t exist. So we did Blablabus + Transaltitude bus. Second note to check your connections.

Geneve was great, once you land you receive free tickets for 24 hours to the city center. and that is how we explored a bit its nightlife.

But finally we arrived, our accommodation was called Andromede, it was tiny, but super close to the Diablo Cable Car, and we only needed to walk 5 minutes in order to reach it. The not so interesting point was the fact that it was always crowded, very very crowded, unlike any ski center that I’ve been to. Its not that you wait more than 10 minutes, but still a surprise.

Hostel: Résidence Andromède – Vacancéole
Area: Le Diablo
Walking minutes from cable car: 3
Recommendation: The typical french ski accomodation, nothing fancy, very functional
Price: $
Payment: Pre paid online (extra charge for towels 7eur & sheets 11eur)

This was the first time that I only took the blue piste, as the snow was kind of frozen, and seeing that many helicopters for rescuing purposes didn’t help encouraging me to switch to a red one.

The amount of apres ski bars is on a good level, for those who enjoy that, and between 15 and 16 o’clock almost every bar had a happy hour where you get double the amount of beer and wine for the price of a single. As just an observer, I would say that the best parties were in Pano Bar and Le Diable au Coeur. I preferred the later one a bit more. There was some cozyness.

Is it possible to return home with plus two kilos in seven days. Oh yes it is. Thanks to carbs from dusk till dawn. And cheese, and cheese, and cheese. There are plenty of bakeries, I would say all of them equally good, so the best would be to choose the one closest to you.

As for food we were balancing of eating in and out and our favorite places were the Le Cellier Restaurant, where we tasted the typical Crozette pasta, but also everything on the plate was so good. Not a duck or meat fan, but that steak was out of this world. The rest of the places were okay, but in the end it all ends on raclette, fondue, or meat and repeat. Where I wanted to go but didn’t manage to was the Crepes a gogo creperie, so that is a potential.

On the slopes we were trying to eat mostly homemade things, but of course we didn’t skip the fries or a lunch at the cantine. But what really deserves a mention was the Le Diable au Coeur restaurant. It is also on the recommended Michelin list, spectacular view, and the. food was more than great. There is an option to order three course menu for 39, or two course menu for 32 euros. alla card orders also accepted. This menu changes daily, so you have to go and get surprised.

And lastly food wise – street food. Apart from crepes and waffles (we ate the tastiest at Les Lutins – with their in house made Lutella) there is one super nice guy in front of the Le Vieux Chalette cheese store selling Tartiflette, mix of potatoes cheese and bacon, and Savoie Saussage and potatoes in a red wine onion sauce. Try it out, one portion serves two.

If your accommodation is a bit further, you are covered, since two bus lines red and green are constantly circulating around. The green one going up to the Venosc cable car, part of the ski center that personally was not my favorite.

If you want to go the extra mile the option is parachute ski ride, so many people were flying over our heads, and for the ones that do not engage in snow sports, apart from the food tourism, there are hiking trails, the ice cave with sculptures at 3200 meters, and the panoramic view platform at 3400 meters. In the town there are plenty more options for having fun.

On the way back we visited Grenoble again and the city is slowly but surely taking higher place on my top cities list. I like it so much that I’ll start considering taking extra day before the official skiing trip just spend more time there.


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