Trippin: Short trip in Perugia

I have heard about Perugia first from my sister about 10 years ago when she went on a summer school at the Stranieri University, and since then i have gone through the colorful photos at least once per year. When my masters bestie said she will come here to organize her wedding, I couldn’t help but jump there. Didn’t literally jump, but took Flixbus from Siena to Perugia, as it was the best transport option between the two cities.

The accommodation was a neat airbnb spot in the new part of the city, but super close to the mini metro, which was one of the things i was happiest about. It’s the little things, for 1.5 euros and 5 minutes you are in the historic center of the city, I was on a mission to visit Osteria a Priori, but since the opening time was from 7PM, I’ve started my first stroll. What I experienced was pure beauty. Wisteria in the nicest purple shade, jumping from almost every house, then a concert in front of the Church of Saint Francis ‘al Prato’, chocolate shops, fountains, I wont even mention the beauty of the colorful houses and most importantly the people. These people here were pure form of the “Dolce far niente” lifestyle. Proof that you can do it even if the sea is far away. Never have I seen in my life so many cheerful groups of locals sipping their apero drinks.

When it comes to the long awaited Osteria a Priori, which was a recommendation by an experienced Italy traveler, I got table for one, actually for 12. The menu was local and very homey. I had lentil soup, maltagliati pasta which translates to uneven cut noodles, and for desert there was brownie. I’ll continue to spread the word about this place.

Then it was time for more streets, more view points and more photos until the night came and it was time for mini metro return.

Day to was for even more strolls, we started the day with breakfast at the Etrusca Bakery, then followed by Piazza 4 Novembre, orange juice at Gelateria Veneta, and chit chat on the benches of Carducci Gardens. Then we continued to Roca Paolina to explore the undergrounds of Perugia. All the entrances to the old town were checked, outside the city walls as well, and saw some amazing the Temple di San Michele Arcangelo, and the best view of the city from the Abbazia di Montemorcino. Total gorgeousness.

Proper lunch was skipped today, but we had the most delicious porchetta sandwich at the Antica Salumeria Granieri Amato, they have daily changing special and they are more than great. Afternoons and Aperol, and friends and Campari go hand in hand, so we just picked a random spot, and spent the evening there. We still had dinner on our mind, because you can’t skip food in Umbria, but also conscious that we are overstuffed we left Trattoria Al Mangiar Bene and Civico 25 for the next year when we return for the great wedding.

And if you have more time you can’t skip any alley, the chocolate shop Augusta Perusia or even take 3 euros day trip by train to Assisi or any other surrounding spot.
For me Perugia was a game changer, made me fall in love with Italy even though, I’ve been to Tuscany and THE cities before, everything has its own beauty, but for me this was the best of them all. Salut, and go to Perugia right now.


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