Trippin: Going to San Marino via Rimini

Having spent most of my vacation days in Africa, I assumed that 2022 was not going to be much of a travel year for me, and that is why i modestly said that my goal for this year is 3 European countries that I haven’t been to. Thinking and calculating is it worth it, I decided that better now than never, and that is why I went to San Marino. I do not have the intention of visiting every country in the world, but I think I want to achieve that for Europe.

The most convenient way to get to San Marino if you are using public transport is from Rimini. There is a small Tabaccheria right across the street from the Central Train station and they are selling Bonelli bus tickets to San Marino (5 euros each way). Afterwards you continue 200meters straight and wait for the bus in front of Hotel Napoleon. It is possible to buy the tickets in the bus, but this was more convenient for me. The ride is about an hour, and the time table can be found here.

I didn’t have high expectations or better said any expectations, since I have visited other micro countries before as Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, here things were cheaper, but also the offer wasn’t that good. Speaking of shopping and restaurants. The views were amazing, I was joking that the best thing to see in San Marino is Italy. Jokes aside the towers look amazing, and everything is so clean, it is nice to just carefree walk around window shop and drink campari. And for me 5 hours were more than enough.

The only souvenir that I brought back from San Marino was a pair of Marlu earrings (made in San Marino), you can choose the size of the hoops and then customize them with different pendants, and they are cheaper than Ice Cream, but look so nice.

My conclusion for the Republic of San Marino was that if you are counting countries or have it on your bucket list then do it because it is easy accessible, in any other case skip it and go to any other small Italian town. Sorry San Marino.


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