WINTER TRIP IDEAS: Alps Around Europe

It is that time of the year again, booking the winter vacation. To be honest we usually do this in January, but this time we jump on the early train and already have booked Andorra. New country, YEY! Until I can put my impressions in words from this trip, here is the summery of the previous winter trips through the years. Each of them great, for me it is even bigger pleasure that we always combine them with a city trip in the area.


This was our first winter trip in the French Alps, it was last minute decision, we were sceptic and didn’t know if we should book it, because of inexperience, but it turn out great. Chamrousse is not the first place that will come in mind for skiing, it is also not a top destination, but it had everything we need, mostly no crowds, delicious food, ski to door, and perfect package from Snowtrex.

Winter Trip: French Alps – Lyon – Grenoble

chamrousse france


The year when we decided we would rather go by train, and not fly again. Also local patriotism kicked in, and again beginning of March we were on our winter holiday. The snow was not the best in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen part, in Zugspitze all was fine, but once the sun is gone, be prepared to freeze. However, the views around were amazing, the skiing schools were very well organized and the choice of restaurants on the slopes was good. On the not so amazing side, we had to walk a bit longer to the connecting train/ski lift, plus not being directly in the mountains, made mw lack that vacation feeling, even though the towns are amazing. Both of them

Winter Trip: Bavarian Alps – Munich – Innsbruck

zugspitze summit


This was the first ski trip that we didn’t book via Snowtrex, because the intention was to be a family gathering, and that skiing would come as secondary. Little did we know that because of COVID, all the ski centers around Europe were going to be closed,(our French trip will be canceled) and this would be our only winter trip. Booking alone meant, spending a bit more on accommodation and ski-pass, because you do not get them as a bundle, but on the other hand we got extra spacious house in the center of the city. We could have used our ski pass for the whole Cortina area, but because we stayed there for 4 days, we thought it was going to be a hassle, so we sticked to only one.

Winter Trip: Italian Alps – Venice

apres ski cortina dampezzo


Snowtrex trips are back, what a compromise this was, I wanted Andorra, the companion Austria, we ended up in France. Everybody is happy when no one is happy, it was great time. Perfect mix of village/little town life, skiing on 3600m. above see level, eating the most amazing food on the slopes, and off the slopes, and visiting Grenoble again. I think French ones are my favorite so far, for obvious reason. I haven’t tried the rest, but they are on my list

Winter Trip: French Alpes – Geneve – Grenoble

les deux alpes skiing

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