I was always hesitant of wide and long stories about my travels, no wonder why my mom calls me “the silence”. A very good friend used to ask me: How was your trip?, answer would usually be: “Fine”, and then she said no no no cmon, what did you do on day one, then the next day, and look at me now, transformed in an itinerary lady.

I can proudly say itineraries are now my middle name 🙂 I love to explore offline and online, even locations that i do not even intent to visits (I do not think those destinations exist)

Here you can find chip thrills, city chills, and while in betweens, hear about low-tide beach walks, green city markets, creamy ice-creams, picturesque streets, but also the cost of that affordable package holiday.

The most important colors here are:
sightseeing, streets, museums;
coffee shops, restaurants, bars;
different foods and dishes;
company or website/software names;
places, that I did not manage to see in person (but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be part of your itinerary).

lesser known terms explained

accommodation reviews

I hope you will find use of some of the sections, and that you will try that hummus 🥙