Trippin: Ink & Indulgence in Zagreb

Birthday celebrations, not really fan of them, birthday trips – gimme more. Every second year we organize a weekend trip for two, with my best friend. We make other trips through out the year, but this is tradition. Our biennale. The destination was chosen based on the location of the tattoo artist, and the best connected flights. Zagreb calling.
I have visited the city before on a day trip with a group of friends, but since it was in New Year’s time, you can’t tell too much about it, it is Advent time everywhere.

But from this weekend in February I can tell a lot more. Having blue sky and the best company, you know I will tell only the best things.

It all started in 2015, with our first food we want to try itinerary. There was no particular order, but all the food that needed to be ticked off was there, and we would eat on the go, rarely sitting, just so we can check out more. As we grew older things started changing, we are taking the time to sit, but the type of itinerary is still the same. Ah, we added coffee spots now.

Main attraction of our trip was Bread Club, we visited this place 2 times, we would have done 3 in a row, but it was closed on Sundays. Croissants, focaccia, cruffin, sourdough bread, and enthusiastic young people working. We were surprised because the place felt as you are somewhere in Scandinavia, and not Balkan. Cruffin was a category that we decided on exploring more, and we tried some more from different flavors and pastry shops. We were also not short on cappuccino and espresso, having the one from Cogito Coffee shop as our number one favorite. Here, we failed our plan as we didn’t went through all from the list.

Cruffin – the love affair of croissant and muffin. Stuffed croissant in a muffin shape.

We were sipping cocktails in Botanicar during the day, great place except the cigarettes smoke inside. Impermissible. And we were eating veggie burgers and pizza at night. The pizza in pizzeria Franco is still on my personal favorite pizza’s list. Some truffle fries at Submarine were also included in this agenda. From the other chewing activities, we also shared a portion of Shtrukli. Did I mention sushi was there too?

Shtrukli – traditional Croatian dish, lasagna style that can be both sweet or savory

Taking further the road to not so central part of the city Knezija, was our Sunday highlight. Museum of high-end pastries – Jolie Petite Patisserie. French-Japanese fusion. Two for staying in, and two for the road. I guess that is how trips are when you travel with food stylist. Even though off duty. Definite must try.

And we are getting to the ink part. Just at the time when my friend said she thinks she has enough ink, it was decided we need a matchy one. Our tattoo artist was the best. Cheerful young lady with the most precise hand. As I was a first timer, we decided for a small one, and as soon as we were done we were on our next cappuccino in Monocycle Coffee Shop. She also brought us to her favorite chill garden in the city, Swanky Monkey Garden.

What we all need in this life is more trips with friends, and carbs on special occasions.
Sheet masks on a flight as well, but psst.


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