Trippin: Girls Trip and all the food stops in Turin

Wizzair recently added Turin as a new destination from Skopje, and if not now, then who. knows when would be the chance to visit it. The preparations were almost non existing, but soon after boarding I started reading the notes: 4th largest city in Italy, almost one million inhabitants, and I realized I was not properly prepared for it. I knew about bicerin, then home of Lavazza, and Fiat, also Gianduia, but the rest of the expectations were, crowded streets, pizza, pasta and so on and maybe a chillier weather compared to rest of the country, since it is in the northern part.

Well the city proved me wrong. It was very untouristy city, pizza and pasta were not offered around, it was more on the focaccia side, salads and of course a lot of gelato and Aperol.
The city was stunning, everywhere you look, there was something miraculously beautiful to be seen. From theatres to bars, coffee shops and just everywhere.

I don’t remember if we started with a cocktail first, but I do remember one Gelato from Pepino Ice creme before this stunningly delicious cocktail in La Drogheria, then it was followed by Campari Spritz and aperitivo board and then more and more walking and admiring the city, but this time along the Po river.
What was not so admirable were the temperature, so freaking hot, as if someone was blowing with a hot fan in your face, and mosquitos from AM to PM. Luckily I always have my Autan stick, but I was really not prepared for whole day mosquito party.

On our day one we mainly spent our time around the Centro area and Via Po, our hotel was around the Central Station so that area was on the list as well.

On day 2 we moved in different direction, first towards Astoria, had coffee at the Orso Lab, and focaccia in the bakery next to it, little stroll around the farmers market, and then the totally opposite direction of the city, towards the Mercato Centralle. This was a good decision because for lunch time almost everything gets closed, but the market is one of the rare things that serves lunch, together with Eataly, and some focacceria here and there.

For the aperitivo hour we were back in Centro, at Farmacia cafe, stylish, small and tasty. We really liked everything here except the pigeons.
When the night came, we were about to enjoy sushi by the river, the mosquitos made it a bit uncomfortable, and the staff was not the friendliest either to english speaker, but not my minus. Long walks in the night ended with gelato at La Romana and crepe at a very cozy bar in the Via Sant’AgostinoBicyclette.

The day where we were supposed to have bicerin, choco coffee mix invented in Turin, in a stylish old cafe Baratti & Milano in the beautiful Galleria Subalpina, but we felt like the prices were not very inviting, so we had it in the Gianduia “factory”, Caffarel. Too strong for my taste.
Late breakfast at a tuscan place – La Nobile Schiacciata Toscana, so simple, but so reach. More ice cream for lunch, total disappointment at the Marchetti Gelaterie (at least the tiramisu flavour), and then we thought, why we still didn’t go to the star of the city? Mole Antonelliana – the cinema museum of the city

The evening was reserved for San Salvario area. Very hip, bars, restaurants as many as you wish and each and every seemed super cool. Dinner decision was Palestinian cuisine, which was okay, but I’ve seen better hummus in my life. The star of the night was D.One cocktail bar.
I don’t know which one I like more, La Drogheria or the one, they were both very unique. And even if you have a day in the city, try both of them.

We had much more plans for the city, like visiting the Cit Turin area, and the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, and even taking the trip to Casa Martini in Pessione. It would have been totally doable if the temperatures were not as they were, around 40 degrees, and maybe we couldn’t get enough. of the city, and crossed almost every street in the central part.
And unlike Genoa it is a city that I really would like to visit again, ASAP if possible, but definitively not in July.

The bus to the Airport costs 7 euros, leaves every 15 minutes from the city center, and you don’t need cash for the ticket.


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