Trippin: 7 Days Central Italy Siena -Perugia – Rimini + San Marino

A spontaneous bachelorette that almost got canceled two times thanks to lovely WizzAir, but when it doesn’t matter where, but rather whom with plans are made super easy. Bologna got canceled, Milan too, the only joker left was connection to Treviso. And so it began.


We landed quite late, luckily the bus connection to the city center was just in time for us. We didn’t have many options so we settled for a bar that had both cicchetti and wine, and gin tonic, and music and youngsters. The night continued on another tiny square in order to find shots, if you ask me super difficult task for Treviso. From the small stroll we could realize it is super nice, and the store fronts were so inviting, luckily closed. There are also great restaurants and bars, but it was not on our itinerary for this trip.


The train games began Treviso – Mestre – Florence and I was amazed how good the trains are functioning, from punctuality to space, and order. The ride to Florence was so smooth, i must say I underestimated the Italians in this segment, and I am so glad they proved me wrong. Lockers in Florence – there are many shops around the train station providing this service with prices from 2 euros per hour up to 6 euros for a day. Once we were free from the luggage we were onto exploration. For the day trip planned we visited the most important sights of the city in the tourist center, ate pasta, drank campari spritz, took 1000 photos, drank wine this time in the most tourist spot, and walked some of the city’s hills. Just gorgeous.


The next train was the 90 minutes ride to Siena. And then Siena by night, since again we arrived late, the choice was to one of the restaurants on the main square, pretty good pizza which they even let us share it. Win! The next day was our main aka non traveling day, and our main activity was restaurant/bar hopping as it was raining cats and dogs and full farm. But we managed it great. Pizza for breakfast, cannolo for lunch, and when the sun finally decided to show up, campari on the square. Even though not hungry we had to try the signature pasta of Siena – pici, like fat spaghetti. On this visit I learned that Siena is actually pretty small town, but probably tourists favorite and that’s why all roads were leading here. It is very hilly town, so comfortable shoes or nothing else.


This was the most positive surprise of the trip. I fell in love with Perugia, people are calling the city the hearth of Italy, since it is very central, but the whole vibe of the city was so good. I am so happy that I got to experience it on a weekday, and off season, at it was such a soothing sight doing nothing but people watching drinking their aperitivo. My accommodation was not in the old centre so I used the Mini Metro and it makes the trips so easy, also most of the time it was like a private taxi ride. I got to experience such a great food here, met the other birde to be that was organizing her wedding, and learned that wysteria is only in season in april. Can’t wait to come back next year and check off everything I marked on my visit now.


Time for some more train rides. Why did I go to Rimini off season? Because I wanted to visit San Marino and This was the easiest connection. Took again some train rides, in cities whose names I heard for the first time, changed 2 times, and had a coffee or snack in every train station. Respect for the train station cafeterias. Plus the last hour ride was strictly by the sea, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Rimini would never be my choice for a trip, but since I was there, long beach walk, and the owners were renovating their beach bars, the city center was nice but not comparable to Perugia or Siena and most of the stores were closed. The city is full with two and three stared super affordable hotels, directly on the beach, so that was a big plus. I am still in the state of I would not recommend it , but hey you are by the sea, so you can not not recommend it.


I think I am on a quest to visit every country in Europe, and in order to tick off one more, I decided to go to San Marino. There are around 6 or seven busses leaving from Rimini to San Marino, the cost is 5 euros in one direction and the ride is about an hour. The city, it is not bad, but the best views were the views on Italy. There are the three towers, some squares and lots of shops, buuut in my opinion every other average city is better, much better. Still I will not complain because I had a good time. But if your trip requires effort in order to visit it, i’ll say skip it.


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