Trippin: Beach Holiday in Genoa

Sometimes on mini trips like this one I ask myself: why? Why this place, when it was not on my priorities list, not on my bucket list, but still I got there. This year the answer was, the only place on the Mediterranean sea that was doable with a cheap flight, and not such a long train ride. Also Genoa is pretty close to Turin, which was the next destination and therefore, so many becauses.

We landed in Bergamo, took the bus to the city center, the cost was 12 euros per person, dropping of baggage vi the luggage app for 5 euros for the day in Ostello Bello Grande, and our mini exploring began. First breakfast at Pave, the always coming back spot, then baking on the streets of Milan, up to the Castle, Duomo and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Well not the best decision, because the city literally sleeps at this time (between 2-5PM). Luckily train options to Genova were more than Frequent.

Type of accommodation as I like the most with contactless check in, looking directly at the sea, and with the greatest window blinds, because if they were not existing, you would feel as if you sleep with a motorcycle. One swim at the beach in front of the door, then a bus ride to the city center, pizza Genovese, not worth the one hour wait, and being in awe how huge everything is. I was also in awe of the beauty of the Piazza De Ferrari.

One of the best beaches in walking distance was the Boccadasse beach, I still dont get how people survive without umbrellas the whole day, but not my problem, and the sights are amazing, I had the impression I was part of the animated movie Luca. While having breakfast I learned my new favorite italian word “spremuta” – meaning squeezed, the old favorite was “allora” – something like well or let’s see. There was one centimeter of shadow at the beach, and I made sure it belongs to me. In the small suburb of Bocadasse, there are plenty of food options, even more modern ones as craft beer and burgers, but also the usual focaccia and mix of fried vegetables and fish.

When my one centimeter shadow disappeared, the hunt of a shadowy place was on. We ended up in a bar at the beach, Stelli sul Mare, very decent one and very enjoyable to be in, also convenient for a beach day. While searching for any bar Ii found out about the italian culture of going to the beach – the beach clubs, paying entrances or even booking a whole cabin, but we avoided that.

The night was for exploring the city, this time also the area around the harbour, which was not my favourite I liked the new area better, the tiny streets with bars and restaurants, and the Ferrari Piazza especially. The harbour area felt more touristy, but also dark, so we went back to the bars around every corner spot and first wanted to check out two very Genoa restaurants, but no reservation means begging for place. We ended up at a Toa da Zena, amazing food, and hosts and didn’t regret it even for a second. Then the options for after drinks were endless, but we settled for the Morretti bar, and enjoyed the night with the almost under aged locals.

Having in mind that we had a reservation for dinner by the beach we used day 3 to explore the city during the day, try more local focaccia, and give a chance once again to the harbour part. We went step further passing by all the old cafeterias and pasticcerias, the local market and a gallery, had Genovese Spritz and the most amazing focaccia with strachino cheese and happily went back to the Boccadasse beach.

The restaurant that we decided for the night was recommended by Michelin, lets say that if the deserts were not there the overall experience would be not really satisfactory, so frito misto jumped in comforting me.

Genoa was nice, but for me it is not a city to plan your vacation, probably if you combine it with the places around like Cinque Terre, Portofino or the spots like Savona, but on its own as a city trip with an opportunity for a beach 3 days were more than enough. I remember how Ii always write that I can’t wait to be back to explore more of this and more of that, but now Ii do not have that feeling, even though somehow I am sure I will come back since it is such a major tourist spot and a connecting city.


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